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About Us

Rainbow Health Victoria promotes the health and wellbeing of LGBTIQ+ Victorians through the creation and dissemination of high quality research, evidence-based training, resources and policy advice.

Previously known as GLHV Rainbow Health Victoria has been working for over 15 years to foster partnerships with and between government, researchers, community, organisations and service providers to create equity and inclusion.

Located within the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society (ARCSHS) at La Trobe University, Rainbow Health Victoria is funded by the Victorian government.

ARCSHS has led the major national surveys and studies in Australia on LGBTI health and wellbeing for the last 25 years. The role of RHV within the centre is to draw on research into sexuality, sex and gender in order to develop training, resources, policy and sector advice, as well as to work with community, partners and sectors to inform research development, dissemination and impact.


Our Projects

Rainbow Health Victoria has a number of sector-specific programs in the areas of ageing and aged care, family violence and youth services.

LGBT Intimate Partner and Family Violence Programs

Rainbow Health Victoria is funded by Family Safety Victoria to provide support to all specialist family violence services in working towards Rainbow Tick accreditation. This is facilitated with streams of the How2 education program being delivered across the state of Victoria over 2018-2020. In this way we aim to improve the family violence sector’s ability to provide more safe and inclusive pathways and supports to LGBTI people experiencing intimate partner and family violence.

At an organisational staffing level, we offer a 6 hour inclusive practice professional development module to increase the capacity of all staff within family violence services to better support LGBTI people experiencing intimate partner and family violence.

The project also includes funding for an evaluation of the efficacy of large scale ‘whole sector’ LGBTI inclusive practice interventions driven and supported by governing or regulatory bodies.

For training booking enquiries contact:

Jen Sykes
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For more information on our LGBT intimate partner and family violence programs contact:

Matthew Parsons,
Manager, Education and Strategic Development
Rainbow Health Victoria
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Ageing and Aged Care

Val’s LGBTI Ageing and Aged Care is a Victorian state-wide program working to improve healthy ageing pathways, care and visibility of older LGBTI people.

Val’s works directly with service providers and facilitates a network of individuals and organisations to foster an understanding of the histories and experiences of older LGBTI people, and how these may impact access to services and care. Val’s offers: LGBTI-inclusive age care training; regular e-bulletins; a website that provides research-based information, resources and links for workers, policy makers and LGBTI consumers. Val’s aims to create safe and inclusive services that recognise and value older LGBTI people.

Visit Val's LGBTI Ageing and Aged Care
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Rainbow Network

Rainbow Network empowers mainstream services and organisations that work with young people to provide safe, welcoming and inclusive services for young LGBTIQ+ Victorians.

Rainbow Network provides a unique resource to the LGBTIQ+ and mainstream youth service sector in Victoria by providing opportunities to exchange ideas, information and resources.

Rainbow Network is delivered in partnership with the Health Equal Youth (HEY) partnership funded by the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services. HEY is aimed at improving the health and wellbeing of young LGBTIQ+ Victorians. The HEY Partnership is managed by the Youth Affairs Council of Victoria.

Rainbow Network offers;

  • LGBTIQ+ inclusive practice training
  • Resources about LGBTIQ+ inclusive practice
  • Secondary consultation and referral
  • Regular issues-based forum and professional learning opportunities
  • Quarterly Community of practice group

Rainbow Network Website
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Rainbow Health Victoria has developed a suite of innovative trainings that incorporate the research findings ARCSHS with the lived experience of LGBTI people to provide evidence-based and engaging learning experiences.

We offer a range of training and professional development options for individuals and organisations aimed at improving the quality of services they provide to LGBTI people.

All staff professional development

Rainbow Health Victoria offers 4 hour and 6 hour training sessions that explore LGBTI people’s everyday lives and the ways in which systemic discrimination affects their health and wellbeing.

The 4 hour session assists participants to develop knowledge that can then begin to be applied in behaviours, skills and practice within an organisation.

In the 6 hour session participants are introduced to frameworks and tools for organisational change in order to see how they can embed LGBTIQ+ inclusion within the systems of their organisation.

For more information or book a training session, please contact us.

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LGBTI Cultural Competency in Aged Care

The Silver Rainbow LGBTI Aged Care Awareness Training Project is managed by the National LGBTI Heath Alliance and is delivered collaboratively with project partners in every state and territory in Australia. It is funded by the Department of Health until June 2020. Val's is one of the organisation that delivers the training in Victoria.

To find out more or book a training session, please visit the website.

Val’s LGBTI Ageing and Aged Care

LGBTI Inclusive Practice for Family Violence Services

Rainbow Health Victoria is providing a custom designed professional development module to increase the capacity of domestic violence workers to support LGBTI people experiencing domestic and family violence. This content has been developed in co-operation with and is endorsed by Family Safety Victoria as the preferred training for this sector. The session can be delivered at your work place in either an introductory 4 hour unit or a more in-depth 6 hour session for up to 40 staff at a time.

For more information or book a training session, please contact us.

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Organisational Change – How2 Program

Rainbow Health Victoria offers a HOW2 Program that promotes the development of LGBTI-inclusive health and human services. The Program consists of four workshops run over six months and assists participants in implementing LGBTI-inclusive practices, protocols and procedures within their organisation.

For more information or book a training session, please contact us.

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Master Classes/Advanced Applied

Rainbow Health Victoria is also now providing a range of advanced and targeted sessions within and across our areas of work. We can also tailor sessions to meet you individual organisation’s needs.

Rainbow Tick

The Rainbow Tick is a quality framework that helps organisations demonstrate that they are safe, inclusive and affirming services and employers for the LGBTI community. It is made up of six standards designed to build lasting LGBTI inclusion. Organisations that receive The Rainbow Tick will have the opportunity to be listed in a national register of LGBTI accredited organisations.

Achieving The Rainbow Tick requires organisations to review and develop their policies and procedures and to ensure their staff have been appropriately trained to provide services to LGBTI clients.  Rainbow Health Victoria supports organisations to do this by providing a range of resources, including HOW2 (link), a training and community of practice program (consisting of four full day sessions six weeks apart), and a range of sector specific training packages (link). Customised training packages are also available.

The Rainbow Tick is a world first, and provides a benchmark for LGBTI-inclusive practice against which organisations can be independently assessed.  Services can include the six standards as part of their cycle of service accreditation or can apply to do the Rainbow Tick as a stand-alone assessment subject to ongoing reassessment and quality improvement.

The six standards
Services are assessed against six standards:

  1. Organisational capability

  2. Workforce development

  3. Consumer participation
  4. A welcoming and accessible organisation

  5. Disclosure and documentation

  6. Culturally safe and acceptable services

For more information about the Rainbow Tick standards please see the resources below.

Rainbow Tick Guide
Further Information

If you want to find out more, please

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If your organisation is considering applying for Rainbow Tick accreditation, Quality Innovation Performance (QIP) can provide information on the processes involved and accreditation costs.

QIP Community Operations Team
1300 820 152


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