Rainbow Tick: A framework for LGBTIQ inclusion

Rainbow Health Victoria is proud to present the latest edition of the Rainbow Tick LGBTIQ inclusive practice framework:

Rainbow Tick standards: A framework for LGBTIQ cultural safety

The Rainbow Tick framework is designed to support organisations to improve the quality of care and services they provide to lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and gender diverse, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ) service users, staff and volunteers. This resource provides a guide to the six LGBTIQ-inclusive practice Standards that are used in Rainbow Tick accreditation. 

The Rainbow Tick Standards serve as a useful framework to guide best practice in LGBTIQ inclusion at any stage of the change process.

Rainbow Tick accreditation and evidence guide

This supplement to 'Rainbow Tick standards: A framework for LGBTIQ cultural safety' outlines the associated actions and examples of evidence that can be used to show that an organisation has met Rainbow Tick accreditation standards.  

New resources supporting organisational LGBTIQ inclusion and the Rainbow Tick accreditation process will be added to this page as they are released.